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At Voorpos Financial Services, we believe that everyone has the power to achieve their goals. Whether it is for yourself, your business, or your family – we are here to assist. Our team is driven, dynamic and determined, and we have a passion for what we do.

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There are many things to consider as you plan for your retirement. And even though it may seem far in the future, it is imperative that you start investing in your future today.

There are only 480 salaries between age 20 and 60 to make enough provision for the rest of your life!

With so many insurers, plans and options to choose from, it can be daunting to find the right solution. Fortunately, our independent Certified Financial Planners® can help you navigate the uncertain waters of retirement. We will help you find the most suitable solution for your retirement needs and current financial situation – no matter your age.

Retirement Services:

  • Planning for Retirement
  • Planning at Retirement
  • Retirement Preservation
How much will I have to

save every month to retire with at least 75% of my current monthly salary?

Current age
Retirement age 55
Retirement age 60
Retirement age 65
20 10% 7% 6%
25 12% 9% 7%
30 16% 12% 8%
35 22% 15% 11%
40 32% 20% 14%
45 51% 30% 19%
50 110% 48% 27%
55 103% 44%
*The information in the table is merely a general indication and should not serve as advice.
Your future is closer than you think.

Start investing today.